All the superabundant “delicious” and “joyful” things in Susaki are gathered here.

Susaki City, centrally located in Kochi prefecture, has active fishery and agriculture areas. Rich in nature, Susaki is known as the place for the clear stream where the Shinjo River flows and the existence of Nihonkawauso was last confirmed.

Michinoeki “Kawauso-no-Sato Susaki” of Susaki City is built around the mouth of Shinjo River.

Easily accessed because closeness to the IC (highway exit).

At the facility, full of “delicious” charm, you can enjoy local gourmet and shopping for fresh vegetables and specialty goods.

Furthermore, since there the surroundings are full of beautiful nature, it is recommended to enjoy the “joyful” leisure of the “sea,” “mountains” and “rivers.”

"Please experience the “delicious and joyful Susaki”. We are looking forward to your visit. "

2F Restaurant

Toreta Tei

You can enjoy the food in a relaxed manner inside the bright and poised restaurant.

There is a wide variety of food using local food ingredients such as a specialty of Susaki, “Nabeyaki Ramen” (Ramen Hot Pot), fresh seafood dishes, and others.



At Kawauso-no-Sato Susaki, you can buy popular souvenirs of Kochi Prefecture as well as souvenirs of Susaki City.

Feel free to peruse the goods for a suitable product for friends or yourself.

A wide variety of goods of Shinjo-kun, who won the Yuru-Chara Grand Prix 2016 mascot contest are also available.


Specialty Products

There is a full array of specialty products including Katsuo-no-Tataki, which is the representative dish of Kochi Prefecture, and Nabeyaki Ramen (Ramen Hot Pot), which was born in Susaki and has been loved by local people over many years.

Kawauso-no-Sato Susaki confidently recommend all of these items as they are all wonderful. Nationwide shipment is available.


Carefully Selected Products

  • Nabeyaki Ramen (Ramen Hot Pot) Hashimoto Shokudo (Restaurant)

    Nabeyaki Ramen (Ramen Hot Pot) originated in Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture.

    The ramen, made with chicken bone broth, local soy sauce and carefully selected thin noodles, is combined through the Chef’s attention to taste and is recommended not only by local ramen lovers but also by ramen lovers throughout Japan.

    1,050 yen (includes tax)

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